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How to Turn Contacts Into CASH!

Business is usually developed through the relationship we have created with others. Networking functions provide the opportunity to expand our contact list, particularly when we create and nurture quality relationships. It is not enough to visit a networking function, talk to dozens of people and gather as many business cards possible. However, every networking function has tremendous potential for new business leads.

How to Turn Contacts Into CASH!
How to Turn Contacts Into CASH!

Here are some strategies to make networking profitable.


How to Turn Contacts Into CASH!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose the right networking group or event. The best results come from attending the appropriate networking events for your particular industry. So before you show up anywhere ask yourself some questions like: who is your customer? Where do they network ?, Who is my competition and where do they network?

  2. Focus on quality contacts versus quantity. Most people have experienced the person who, while talking to you, keeps their eyes roving around the room, seeing their next victim. These individuals are more interested in passing out and collecting business cards that establishing a relationship. My approach is to connect with three to five new contacts and reconnect with two to three that I have previously met that might be at the event. Focus on the quality of the connection and people will become much more trusting in you.

  3. Make a positive first impression. You have EXACTLY one opportunity to make a great first impression. Factors that influence this initial impact are your handshake, facial expression, eye contact, interest in the other person and your overall attentiveness. Make a powerful impression by asking them what they do before talking about yourself or your business. As Stephen Covey states, “Seek first to understand and then to be understood.”


Robbie Motter is the founder/President of Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs,, global coordinator for National Association for Female Executives, a marketing Pr/Consultant, Coach, Certified National Speaker, Radio and TV Host, Monthly staff writer for magazines and newspapers. Her website is or contact her at 951-255-9200

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