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Published on January 22, 2021 made US Best Seller that day and International Best Seller the next day.  Book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Good Reads, E-bay, Children's Book World, Powell's Atlantic Books, India bound books, City of Books, Book Topics, Elliot Bag Books,  and more. Funds from the sale of the books go back to Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs GSFE a 501 c3 non profit.

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This book is a guide to teach you invaluable lessons for success in business and in life. It is essential for all woman leaders and will be helpful for anyone looking to enhance personal leadership qualities. Through these pages you will find such topics as: How to become an excellent public speaker, interacting with your audience, how to become a master at networking with the personal approach of allowing others to feel seen and heard, and you will also learn the importance of SHOWING UP and ASKING to ACHIEVE your goals in life. There are many books available in the business sector however, this guide should be a part of your personal library. The information shared throughout these pages came from many years of experience in business. This manual will show you unique ways to improve in your business and in your life through sharing real life examples of lessons learned through successful outcomes. Robbie Motter has done an excellent job in compiling many concepts into this one powerful short read. Every entrepreneur knows that there are always more ways to improve in business and not every approach works best in every situation, "How to rise up and A.C.H.I.E.V.E" offers a wealth of knowledge that can be applied in an array of different ways. As it has been stated several times in life, knowledge is wonderful but applied knowledge is critical to leading a successful life. You can and will achieve your dreams.

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