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Testimonials  ( These are just a few of the many testimonials Robbie has received),



Dear Robbie,

Thank you so much for hosting the Diva Strategies podcast interview with Cynthia James last week. She had a great time talking with you and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of this program.  I personally enjoyed listening to the interview during the live event. We look forward to connecting with you in the future!

With appreciation,

Lori & Cynthia


Lori Jensen

Executive Assistant to Cynthia James 



Hi Robbie, It was a great pleasure meeting you at Shellie Hunts  Social. I left that party and haven't stopped talking about it. I had a wonderful time and I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. You have a comforting energy and you made me feel like you were going to reach into your purse and grab a pair of wings and place them on my back... I don't know why but that's how I felt, 


Until we meet again, have a wonderful summer. 



Ms. Robbie Motter is by far the most relevant leader I have ever known. Since our meeting  15 years ago, she has made a profound impact on my professional life. Her mentorship has “set the bar” as a premier leader in building advancement opportunities for women in business nationwide. She gives of herself and all resources available in order to share the wealth of abundance, empowerment, success to achieve unlimited possibilities. If you know Robbie, you are blessed with her wisdom, and courage to never give up on your dreams.  Deborah Pierson – Manager at Community Relations and Network Marking.


Robbie  you so much for your informative seminar on Strategic Board Recruitment in Riverside. Your enthusiasm and your passion for what you do are definitely displayed. As an individual who is young in the world of Nonprofit Management, you have encouraged and challenged me in the next step to growing a successful Board of Directors. Thank You.  Michelle M. Perry


"Robbie Motter is a top notch communications professional with a diverse background with expertise in Public Relations, professional speaking and government contracting. She is smart, talented and a professional through and through and someone that is "networked" throughout the country. If you are looking for a speaker that will keep your audience captivated or just looking to get some "ink" I highly recommend Robbie! As a fellow PR professional she's one of the best in the industry!" Lauren Garvey,Public Relations, Corporate Philanthropy, Women and Youth Marketing and Special Event Planning

Robbie   We would like to thank you so much for being a guest expert on the Wake Up Women author platform and marketing tele-classes.     You are so fabulous.  Your presentation was (as always) lively and easy to listen to and the information and resources you shared with the author community are invaluable.   We thank you so much and we look forward to continuing to showcase your expertise and promote your products and Ardice & The Wake Up Women 


Robbie is one of the most motivational and inspirational people on the planet! Her expansive energy, caring presence and powerful mind propels her clients forward with amazing light and heart! Robbie is also a personal friend of mine who shows up for every celebration, event and special moment in my life! Robbie is the Dynamic Diva who truly “Walks her Talk” and anyone and everyone who comes within her energy field us uplifted by her profound presence.  Sharron Stroud – Founder at Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide 

Robbie Motter was one of our most successful guest leaders in the WITI  Leadership Seminar Series.  She provided practical tools for networking and "asking for what you want".  Tools that women could use immediately to further their careers and impact business results.  Robbie shared real life examples illustrating how effective these tools have been for women who have followed her formula.  Her own career and commitment to women inspired and uplifted all who participated. Ardice Farrow Creator & Host,

I have known Robbie Motter for many years and I realized what a great resource she is. She will take you to the next level of your life and your business. Now matter where you are in life, she is the one to know. Everything that comes from Robbie Motter comes from her heart. She will take you places you never dreamed you would go. So make sure you make the connection and don’t get left behind.  Sharron McCoy- Owner at “The Real McCoy Estate Sales, Services & Liquidation.


I want to thank you for putting me in touch with all of these great women that are now contributing to many of our issues The response has been amazing! I also wanted to let you know that our local Houston Association of Realtors placed your article "It's All in the Asking" from one of our Kalon Women Issues, in their Management Central Newsletter that goes out to over 24,000 realtors in the Houston Metroplex.  What an exciting time for Kalon Women and I thank you for your participation!   Sandra Levitin President/Editor
Kalön Women  

Robbie Motter helped  me to achieve my fullest potential.  I did not think I needed anyone to mentor me because I am accustomed to being the mentor for others.  However, when I told her about my vision for my creativity development business, she opened my eyes and increased my vision many times over. My own mother did not have a professional background and was not able to mentor me in the ways of the business world.   I told a friend that Robbie came into my life unexpectedly when we met in Silicon Valley at a WITI conference.  My friend commented, “Did it ever occur to you that your mom went and found Robbie for you?”  My mom is now an angel and I believe she did go and find Robbie to mentor me.  Thanks Mom!  I am full of gratitude for the specific action plans Robbie gives me to achieve my dreams of bringing creative thinking to the corporate world.  If you ever have a chance to be in business with Robbie or ever need coaching to imagine the impossible, then you should think of Robbie Motter! With great affection, Connie Harryman!

Robbie, It was great seeing you yesterday. I want to let you know that we had a wonderful outcome on your presentation yesterday. You sure did touch into a lot of our youths hearts and plant a valuable seed into their minds. I am very thankful that you were able to come in and make some time to give back to the community. I will love to have you come back to our center to help our youths growth. Monica Perez Employer Relations Specialist 

Robbie I am better for knowing you. For stepping up when duty calls, For living with a cheerful heart, For spreading gladness everywhere. These character traits set you apart. For loving people as they are, For being true to your ideas, For taking time to be a good friend, These gifts make you special and real. For the good person that you are, For doing more than called to do, Earth is a nicer place today, and I am better for knowing you. I appreciate every thing that you do for me. You are a beautiful person. You give your best as long as you live. You walk through the world with joy to love, serve and give. You live for others, unaware that Christ is shinning through When I think of BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE I always think of you. One dear friend. Knowing I won't lose your friendship, I can be honest and true. Better then one hundred acquaintances is one dear friend like you. In the book of your life, the good chapter about you has written with love on the pages of my memory and the walls of my heart Sheila Caruso,  AVON Leader , Ladera Ranch, CA 

Robbie, I'm amazed what an incredible impact you make in people lives, and the impact you have made in mine in just a short time! I belong to the Trusted Business Partners in Murrieta and shared for our educational moment this morning the information you shared with us about showing up! The information was of course well received, and I let them know how much I was inspired by meeting you in person! I have thought about the items you shared with us over the last few days and am sure I can change my business significantly just by following your directions! Thank you for caring about women, and sharing your wisdom! I am truly impressed by how down to earth you are and your incredible generosity! I hope our paths continue to cross in the future! Paula Horning, Lake Elsinore, CA 

Robbie ,I wanted to also send you an email to tell you how 
inspiring your presentation was, yesterday!  As a result, it moved me to ask myself what more could I do for my network, and how else can I 'show up'? I have been very busy since, and 
didn't get to bed until 1:30am this morning, since my mind was racing 
and I was having fun networking and sharing what I have to share with 
clients, colleagues and friends.Thanks again and keep doing your wonderful, invaluable thing you do, Robbie! Marjorie Geiser, RD, NSCA-CPT

Robbie, you were terrific. Your talk: "The Power Is In The Asking" was so informative. Everyone commented to me how much they love when you come to speak to our meetings and events. As you know last year they voted you the best speaker for the year and wanted you back this year and again they want you back next year. Mimi Spencer, Wind Song Chapter,  American Business Women's Association (ABWA) Huntington Beach, CA Nov 2008

Robbie, Thank you so much for all your wonderfully informative and uplifting emails with links to a "greater life".  I think of your emails as a great smorgasbord where my needs are always met, many times I cry after because the info was so timely. You are my Angel; blessings be forever upon you and all that you love and touch .BEST!!! Eva

I have had the pleasure to know Robbie since the 1990’s and her dynamic spirit of sharing, caring, taking, ACTION and yes, her MOTTO. “It’s ALL about Showing Up!” just resonated with me. Robbie is the Diva of Motivation and Inspiration that never gives up to reach out and make a BIG difference. Robbie is a dear friend and I feel blessed to have her in my life. Daniela Bumann –Founder at Vibrant Living International, Redlands, CA 

Robbie is one of the best Networkers out there and is always willing to help promote others in her circle of influence! She offers a world of experience and her advice is golden. Robbie is an inspiration to many, her positive attitude and abundance of energy is something we can all aspire to!  Jan Weaver, Dana Point, CA

Robbie is my hero! She is my mentor, she is my friend. I love this woman. She lives to give back. I am truly grateful.  Missy Hartman Bystrom – UW Madison

I’ve know Robbie for many, many years. She personally carried a hat, on the plane, from New York for me. She’s an incredibly talented woman and has personally empowered the women around her. She has a natural talent for connecting people and inspires us to SHOW UP! She’s definitely someone you wan tot “Stik” to.  Debra M. Simpson, Owner at Syndicating Your Content, San Diego.

Robbie Motter is a heart and soul friend of mine, a tremendous organizer, and a magnet for folks and events. I have traveled with her, been hired by her, done services for her, geez, spent a bunch of my life hours with her. I’d do most anything she asked of me. You can depend on Robbie to give to you, share with you, and build your reputation. Help spread the word about Robbie: Commander Connector, Resource Recruiter, Empress Empowerer!  Show Up for Robbie. Deb Halberstadt- Lawrence University

Robbie connects women with resources, her insight, and all from her heart. Selfishly offering of her knowledge and wisdom to push you higher. Her energy amazes me! Karen Car Care-Saddleback


Robbie is all about the heart. She is the most giving soul you can meet. Her mission is to transform women in all aspects of their life and empower them. We you attend one of her NAFE Meetings you will feel instantly connected. I am honored and blessed to support Robbie in her goals and aspirations for women. Her motto of “Showing Up” truly makes a difference. Thank you Robbie for who you are and your contributions you give to all of us! Iris Rosenfeld-Ameen, Owner at Advanced Healthcare Rosenfeld Chiropractic, Orange County.

Robbie Motter is a woman who gets things done! She Shows Up! You can count on Robbie and she knows everybody@ Her networking skills are amazing. She has so much energy and so much love in her heart for everyone. I am glad to be her friend. Robbie Motter is One Dynamic Lady.  Jane Larsen, Orange County, CA.

Robbie Motter is one of the most gracious women I know. She is always giving her best and striving to empower others to do their best as well.  Kathleen Moon Certified Life Coach Consultant at Wings in the Wind.

If you know Robbie you are connect to those who will assist you grow your business and accomplish your personal goals. She is one woman powerhouse, one Dynamic  Diva  Connect with her and you and your business will never stand still.  T C Leary University of Berkeley

"Every time I see or talk to Robbie, she is always giving. She gives without even being asked. And with her extensive connections, she always brings great value. Thank you Robbie!"  Michael George Price, speaker and author 

Robbie, You are an inspiration to all women of today, yesterday and tomorrow! I love your energy, radiance and posture. If others could attain just 25% of your nobility the world would be an even better place to live, work and recreate. I am very pleased to have crossed your path of life. Tammy Varner, Ontario, CA

"Robbie is truly one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She has the energy, enthusiasm and experience to get anything done -- and I do mean anything! Her network is amazing, and it's because she is an incredible, kind and hardworking individual." Colette Carlson, MACEO Collette Carlson Communications 

Iris Rosenfeld, DC Robbie Motter is a woman of total inspiration. She mentors women daily and for her it’s about what she can do for you. Robbie is 1 in a million and I am honored to know and learn from her!

Robbie Motter gives you great insight on marketing yourself, teaches you how to be effective in your business and network efficiently. She has a way of guiding your business to the next level.  Be Ready!  If you listen to her advice, magic will happen.  I didn't know how to write a press release, network with purpose, ask specifically for what I need or know how to get speaking engagements, now I do!   Robbie I can't thank you enough for your business guidance and support!  With the advice you have given me, in four short months my business has grown!  You gave me the direction I needed and you're right, it is All About Showing up!     I now have multiple speaking engagements weekly,  have been awarded the Victorious Woman Award for spreading awareness for Anti Human Trafficking, have been interviewed on the radio,  serve on the Riverside County Anti Human Trafficking Task Force, published in the Press Enterprise, volunteer at Operation Safe House- a youth shelter, network efficiently, promote my website with purpose and my business has truly become a dream and an answered prayer.  Temecula Shop for Charity allows me to run a successful business, help the community and give back.  You are an amazing mentor and coach and I am so grateful to have been guided by you. Darlene Tarnoski, 

Robbie, Thank you my dear for all your support. I want you to know how much I appreciate and love you for all you do, on my behalf and others. You are a dynamo and I want to be just like you. Thank you so very much for being my friend, my mentor and the shining light that you are. I am blessed for having met and knowing you. You are blessed always with the love of G-d and the protection of the angels. You are my friend and for that I am grateful.
Denise L. Cook, The ORACLE 

"Robbie  I have some exciting news.  I have been selected to be a guest blogger by the event team for the Front End of Innovation Europe.  I was notified yesterday late in the afternoon. Therefore, I will be flying to Amsterdam .You had a role to play in this. You are always saying just show up.  When the Front End of Innovation event organizer sent out a request for "professional bloggers" to submit a proposal to blog at this event, which you forwarded to me, I heard your words about showing up and although I had only been blogging six months and only learned about social networking five months ago I  sent in my form.  Then I was selected!  Can you  believe it? I know going to this event is going to open so  many doors for my creativity business  I will miss seeing you, but I must admit I will be having a fabulous time in Amsterdam." With great affection,,Connie Harryman, Creativity Expert, Speaker/Seminar Leader I wish to thank you SO much for encouraging me to “Just Show UP!”.

I followed the advice you gave in one of your emails and joined the Diva Tool Box radio family. At first it was difficult to fit the show into an already overloaded work schedule, but I remembered that I needed to Show Up! So I forged ahead and did my shows. 
NOW….the wonderful transition to Blog Radio occurred and I am in on it! Just because I SHOWED UP! Thank you, Robbie for the inspiration that you are to all of us in your world. I’m so thrilled about this new opportunity with Blog Radio. I owe it to your faithful nudging! Barbara Hoffman

"Every time I see or talk to Robbie, she is always giving. She gives without even being asked. And with her extensive connections, she always brings great value. Thank you Robbie!" 
Michael George Price, speaker and author 

Robbie - I can't thank you enough for giving me the privilege of appearing as your first guest on Diva Toolbox Radio!  I enjoyed being interviewed by you so much.  It seemed as if you had had dozens of guests before me because you put me so at ease and the questions were so clear and interesting to answer.  Even though you had asked for a list, you certainly gave them your own flavor   I I'm so excited re: the possibility of appearing with Sofia Loren's son and the San Bernardino Symphony.  I had read that he is a conductor  Thank you again for all that you have done.  My goodness - was it really just a week ago that I met you? glad John introduced me to you.   Sending much love, Cristina

Robbie thank you, thank you for your time!  You graciously gave me so many leads that have and will continue to help my career blossom.  You do support women and may I say with great spirit.  
Lois Hollis Sedona, AZ.   

Robbie ,As always, it was another great event with Robbie and her “gang of fabulous women”
Thank you for giving me the courage to put myself out there, to “show up” and to network outside of my own little sphere of influence!  Wonderful things always just “seem to happen” when I jump in, but MOST of all, MOST WONDERFUL OF ALL, is being with you!  You make magic wherever you go, and it’s fun to experience it with you! Thanks for all that you give to us! Melinda Fouche’

Special thanks to Robbie Motter who has been the wind in my sails for the speaking arena and never stops reminding me to “show up”. Thank you Robbie!!!   Onward and upward!!!!!   Thanks for listening,   Lesa   Lesa Caskey


"Robbie, you are more than just being amazing. I had a dinner with a friend of mine whom I lost contact with for a long time. I took her to one of Nafe meetings 3 years ago. She met you there. We were talking about you for the most part of our dinner. How incredible person you are, how you impact other people's lives, how you really care to make a difference, how confident you are, how genuinely affectionate person you are, how you turn bad to good in seconds and on and on... Then we ate our dinner and felt so empowered thinking of you. You are truly my idol. Grace Jeon, Realtor, Corona, CA 

"Robbie Motter is one of the smartest, most success oriented business people out there. Everything that she does helps others. She is absolutely amazing." Steve Kaye Speaker, Author, and IAF Certified Professional Facilitator 

Robbie, I saw you speak about a year ago at Sorority Factor, you were great. Your message was clear, 'Show up' and 'Ask'.  - Margalit Ward CEC  

“Robbie Motter walks her talk!  I had the privilege of listening to her speak at the NAWBO-IE monthly meeting, and she not only shared her wisdom and knowledge regarding showing up and “The Power is in the Asking”—she demonstrated it!  I watched her connect with all of the women in the room afterwards to figure out how she could help them and who she could connect them with.  Robbie stayed until the very end and was still trying to make a difference by helping Gwen Thibeaux (Pres-Elect) and I with our businesses. THEN, when I got home, she had sent me numerous emails and left a vm regarding other people I needed to connect with!  She also went above and beyond to help our community partner, Inspire (, make many new connections through her network as well! Having Robbie speak is a “shot in the arm” for any organization or individual who needs to grow their business—especially in “these times” when there is so much doom and gloom out there!  Thank you Robbie!” Ursula Mentjes,Past President, National Association of Women Business Owners, Inland Empire

Robbie is an amazing woman who is dedicated to helping others succeed. I was honored when she consented to be a guest on the first Ladies In Business Today speakers series and she did not disappoint us!  I would recommend Robbie's services to anyone.
Charly Leetham Greetings Robbie, 

Below are the evaluations from your workshop at the 11th Annual Inland Empire Nonprofit Conference.  . 
Again thank you and have a wonderful day! 
Dwayna Green 
Resource Center for Non Profit Management, RIverside, CA  "Robbie, Is one of the most positive women I have ever mett, she is constantly letting you know you can reach higher, through showing you how to achieve your goals, where to find the tools to help you reach your goals. She is at every event teaching thousands of women; it’s all about s
howing up. She is a leader in her professional, many women including me across the country look up to her and her ability to help so many people. Robbie helps in any way through her kind smiles, her inspiring talks, through her personal coaching, And through her many eBooks. One of my personal favorites is how to network. I recommend Robbie has a leader a teacher in our market place in your market place and across the country." 

Sandra-Colon Williams Independent Computer Software Professional Networking, connecting and creating relationships is absolutely key to success.  And Robbie Motter is the master.   She will teach you how to expand your business through relationships and how to have fun and make a difference. Once you learn the secrets of networking from Robbie your business will soar, doors will open and opportunities will flow to you.    Ardice Farrow Co-creator, Co-publisher Wake Up Women Creator - Smart Thinking Smart Talking Women Thank you for all the great information you gave at the Women's Business Expo. The personal tips you gave me were great and I am getting to work on them right away Tiffany Ghiselin  CEO, Sochai Consulting 


"Robbie is an outstanding woman of connections, motivation and inspiration to women. She is a wealth of knowledge and freely extends assistance to others, which will help them grow and demonstrate their true ability to succeed. In working with Robbie, I discovered there are many attributes to a woman who strives and promote success and make every effort to empower others around her. She weas many hats and wears them well. 

I am proud to be an associate of Robbie, when I met her she said she would introduce me to the right people to make things happen. Well, Robbie kept her word, she opened many doors and opportunities for me as she has with many other women. 
To be affiliated with Robbie will be a tremendous addition to your existing line of associates, both professional and personal." Connie Sparks Wade Institute

 "Robbie was top-notch!!! I was extremely impressed by her ability to connect complete strangers, all the while, maintaining an approachable and warm connection with people she met for the first time. A FANTASTIC networker!!! I would recommend Robbie to any women's network in the world."

Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative   Brenda Saunders-Todd "Robbie Motter has the heart of a saint. She has the capability to connect your strengths to what others are looking for. I have been dreaming of finding somebody like Robbie to make my business-building and expansion easier. When Robbie saw that I had a passion for speaking and leading, she immediately put me in touch with several speaking coordinators seeking a speaker. Robbie was instrumental in helping me reach my personal goal of having at minimum two (2) speaking engagements per month! 

Robbie is a remarkable mentor and even if you are doing business with her, she is tremendous friend. She believes in your product as much as you do and will promote you to no end. If you are looking for a business contact or connection, you MUST call Robbie as she will help you get what you need and quickly! Thanks Robbie for ALL that you do :Laurie Ann Santos  


 "I've known Robbie for about two years now. Once you get into her sphere, she works tirelessly to promote you and your business. I've personally seen my business take off through her recommendation to "just show up!" at various functions. She is TIRELESS! The woman shows up at every meeting in the area while still writing constantly to let people know what is happening. She puts it out there and all YOU have to do is "show up!"  Revvell 

 "Robbie is very knowledgeable with networking and marketing to build your business. She is always willing to offer her expertise and is fun to work with. She is not only generous with all she does but gets things done! I highly recommend her if you want to get the word out for your business."   Jo dela Penna JDP Services

"Robbie is at the top of her field when it gets to PR, marketing, organizing, networking, and social events. She is not only a very experienced professional who strives to help every single woman to promote and advertise her business/career, she is a very kind, warm and the most likeable person on the planet. Robbie is a very ambitious woman, but at the same time she is extremely organized and delivers on all her promises. I am most grateful for Robbie for many of my personal accomplishments, such as speaking engagements at various conferences, a popular web blog, and massive public exposure of my business. I hope our friendship and networking connection will last a lifetime."Tamara Freeze, Attorney 

"Robbie Motter is my Mentor and inspiration... she has connected me with so many truly phenomenal women helping me to create and expand my Women's Support TEAM. I am truly fortunate to have her in my life as a friend and business colleague. She has opened numerous doors through her connections that have lead me to build meaningful relationships with other women with the same vision that Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) success with less stress... especially women. Anytime I’ve asked Robbie to participate in any way, she jumps right on it – completing everything almost immediately. She signed on as one of our first TEAM Mentors, Speakers and Coaches. She reaches out to help everyone she can with her vast experience, not only in building connections, but also public speaking, training seminar leaders, public relations (PR), government contracting, and coaching others to build self esteem – to go beyond their comfort zone and grow. I highly recommend that you connect with Robbie and see how see can expand your horizons as she has mine – check out her website at and take your life or business to a whole new level. ~ Paula Constantino Women’s Support TEAM ~ Annapolis, MD." 

Robbie is very knowledgeable in her field of marketing. She has been involved in the radio broadcasting and other activities, such as her Nafe Networks all over California and other states. You will find that Robbie is extremely helpful and resourceful. When you join her NAFE  Network, you will feel at home because she has made the network like a big family. We help each other." 
Kwai Lan Chan (Lana) 


“Robbie has admirable skills in connecting people (networking) and communicating opportunities for people to participate in collaborative business ventures. She consistently sends information to people in order to provide opportunities to take advantage of business and personal opportunities to learn and grow and have fun. I highly recommend her services. ". Janie Becker, Owner Comfort Zone

“I attended Murrieta NAFE Network a couple of times where I met Ms. Robbie Motter. I was impressed at her administration and management of the Network. I realized that she was the person I was looking for who could effectively coach me toward my goal of sharing my business while at the same time, helping me grow to become a leader of my team.  So I hired Robbie as my personal and business coach and although so far Robbie and I only have had  only a few sessions,  already, I am able to set my priorities. I have put my confidence back out of my shell and feel that I can lead my team better. In fact, I talkes to my friend about her. Prior to meeting Ms. Motter, she and I put together a seminar "Quick Start to Enrich Your Personal and Professional Life.. My attendees were happy of the seminar with a consensus, "It was worth it. I should have invited some of my friends". Thereafter, my friend contacted Ms. Motter for personal coaching. When someone wants results, contact Ms. Robbie Motter. - Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative  Mrs. Florencia O. Cuyugan XanGo Independent Dearest Robbie,

"Robbie has been a mentor to me for the last year. It has helped my business grow tremendouly with all the contacts and opportunities that Robbie has connected me with. She is a woman of her word and truly believes in women helping women. People always wonder where she gets the energy to do the things that she does well I have gotten a hold of her secret it is a product she sells called Essential Seven it has truly increased my energy and over all health. I highly recommend it." Alina Estrada,

"Robbie is an expert in Public Relations and Marketing. Her work is excellent from concept to final output. Her expertise is deep and detailed, she is also consistent and totally reliable and trustworthy. Her contact list is immense. She is a woman with a huge heart and unending energy. Her word is her bond, what she promises she delivers and she loves to help people!!" Laura Jorge, Los Angeles, CA 

Robbie You are an inspiration to all women of today, yesterday and tomorrow! I love your energy, radiance and posture. If others could attain just 25% of your nobility the world would be an even better place to live, work and recreate. I am very pleased to have crossed your path of life. Tammy VarnerOntario, CA 

Testimony for Robbie Motter who was the Motivational speaker many times  for the Career Builders at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange, CA 

This was my first time visiting the Crystal Cathedral in Orange, CA, and what a beautiful and calming place to be. The best part was hearing Robbie Motter speak on "Make Your Dreams Come True."Though I have heard her speak many times on a variety of topics, each time and each topic has been dynamic. Hearing her again reminded me to "ask for what I want and that I can't do it along."Robbie said, "There are so many people out there willing to help, but you have to ask." With, that in mind, I will be asking people to help my organizing business grow. By asking, I will surely gain new friends-and you can never have too many friends. Robbie is like an Angel always being there when you need her, with just the right message to share.No matter what topic you have Robbie speak on, she will motivate your audience and everyone will go away with a tip they can immediately use in their personal and professional life, she has that magic ingredient that motivates people to action. Evelyn Gray Productivity Expert & Certified Action Coach

Robbie,“It’s All About Showing Up.” Is a main theme song in my head. I have so many testimonies to share them with. I have been s long time NAFE member. On one fine morning, I attended NAFE breakfast in Renaissance Hotel inHollywood in 2005. That was when I met you Robbie Motter. On that same day, I signed up for Nafe a Network members and Registered Diva. I became a Registered Real Estate Diva. To name the few of great experiences I had by “Showing Up,” I met with so many amazing people. When I went to annual “ Gotta Have a Heart,” my company was awarded “Women Owned Best Small Business.” I was so grateful for that. I was nominated as “Rising Star” during  Los Angeles Business Journal Award. How often do I get a chances like these? Not often I would say. I was honored to pose for the cover of  For You Network magazine. That was a great experience and so much fun. I have to thank you Robbie Motter for that one. “Thank You” is not sufficient to express my sincere gratitude. There are more testimonies to share them with. When I went to “Media Women Award” in Hollywood with Robbie and other Divas and Nafe Network members, I won gifts and door prizes. I also met many Media people and local councilmen on that evening. When I attended a bowling party at the Universal Studio Bowling alley with Robbie and other Divas and Nafe  Network members, I was shocked at my self that I hit many strikes. I used to so horrible at bowling I used to get “zero” That was memorable. When I attended Ellen Degeneres show with Robbie and other Nafe Network members, I had a great time moving and shaking with music and watched Ellen Degeneres in person. All attendees received W Hotel bath robe. The show was taped and I watched myself on TV a week later. That was really something to see myself on TV. When I attended another TV show taping in Riverside With Robbie and other Nafe Network members, I had a great time. When I went to a music play called “Menopause” with Robbie and the other Divas, the show was so fantastic and it was a memorable experience. After the show, we all went to Acapulco restaurant wearing Tierra and Boas, all the patrons at the restaurant looked at us but it did not bother us and had a ball.When I attended RBN Boat Cruise in NewPort Beach with Robbie and the other Divas and Nafe Network members, we had so much fun and danced until feet hurt. That was a great party. And my testimonies will go on. 

Then I was  honored to serve as a  Director of the Glendale Nafe Network and the Corona Nafe Network to make a difference thanks to Robbie who asked me to step into this slot. This is awesome. There is no way I can name all the great experiences I had and outstanding people I met in this limited space. I am a living testimony that “Showing Up” really works. None of these things would have happened to me if I did not show up. I don’t mean to show off or brag any of these things I mentioned, I truly want to convey to you that you just have to show up and experience the great things in life . I am indebted to Robbie Motter, the Divas and Nafe members.. I hope and pray that I can be utilized to encourage and to fuel other people’s passion to reach higher place and to enrich life experiences. Maybe, that is a lofty idea that I am aiming at. But, I have a burning heart to carry the torch. May God bless you beyond your wildest dreams!
Grace Jeon, Ph.D., Broker, RealtorQSC,SRES, RECS, EMS,Notary Public 

I couldn't say it better myself, but thanks to Robbie I now have the words. I am being asked to stand in for myself and “show up”. It all started for me when I went through what I call a rite of passage at the January 2007 NAFE conference where I received the honor of being the 2007 Woman of Excellence in Entrepreneurship”. Throughout the conference I kept hearing the name Robbie Motter. Many women pointed me in her direction. She was very busy and I deferred, as I often did, to others needing her attention.When the conference closed I was saying goodbye and there was Robbie. I “stepped to the plate”. She asked me to email her and subsequently to call her. Here in SW Florida, I pride myself on my ability to make connections of all kinds for people, so its easy to tell the givers from the takers. Robbie is a “giver-par excellence”, but more than that she called me to truth. She said that unless I asked for myself, I could never authentically help anyone else do so. That statement moved me to “show up” for myself…find the courage within and with Grace, I anticipate that exhortation regarding asking will take me to a whole new level in my life!Thank you Robbie, for your influence in my life! Cynthia Mitchell,M. Ed.
NAFE  Women of Excellence in Entrepreneurship

 "Robbie's enthusiasm and honest nature is a pleasure to behold. She is sharp, perceptive and gets the job done. She manifests integrity, enjoys people and understands the importance of team building. She's an asset to any organizational purpose and mission." Judi Fouladi, Esq. 

"Robbie Motter is one of the most influential women I've ever met. She works tireless to advance the goals of women business owners and her passion is connecting people together for business. Her organization: NAFE is a  wonderful places where business women go to fulfill themselves professionally and socially. I am eternally grateful for all the ways that Robbie Motter has helped me grow my business. She is one of the greatest gifts to walk this earth!"
Linda HollindarThe Wealthy Bag Lady

 "A gifted Motivational speaker, coach, and consultant Robbie Motter inspires, motivates, and educates you to turn your contacts into contracts." Sophia BrooksGlobal Leaning Partners 

Robbie is excellent especially with anything concerning the government. She knows the ins and outs like no other. I have known her for almost 10 years and she is a great person. She knows enough people to fill a small city. She mentors many of them. Robbie networks 24 hours a day.

"Robbie Motter is a go-getter who doesn't allow "the grass to grow under her feet." For anyone wanting assistance in marketing and public relations—with exceptional results--she is the person to have on your team. Before I met Robbie personally, I had attended several of her marketing and public relations workshops at various conferences. I noticed then that she gives an overabundance of information and materials, that, when diligently applied, virtually guarantees success. I am fortunate to have her working with me in public relations and marketing for my ventures, both profit and non-profit , for she is definitely a guru in this area. I encourage everyone to check out her website and see all the awards and recognition she has received, and read the articles she has written for a wealth of information. Call her to see what she can do to help take your venture to the next level, as she works with all types of organizations. I highly recommend her as a woman of excellence."Joan Rudder-Ward
Ceo/Owner The Image Maker

"Robbie's work is exceptional. She has written seminars for Public Relations, marketing and working with a non profit. She speaks on behalf of American Seminar Leaders. She is completely trustworthy and an outstanding Motivational speaker. She does coaching for Coaching Firm International and we are proud that she is a part of the firm. Our clients working directly with Robbie are totally satisfied with her work." June Davidson 

"Robbie is an energetic marketing POWERHOUSE! She networks and promotes, she organizes and leads, she cheers and coaches but more than anything, Robbie does it all with humility. It is rare to come across someone who is as authentic as she is. I would recommend Robbie for any undertaking." Tracey Downey-Racen


"Robbie is one of the most passionate, generous and resourceful people I know. She accomplishes more in one hour than most do in one week. She sets an example of how to truly give back to the world. I am continually amazed by her knowledge and her willingness to share with everyone. To know Robbie is a true blessing and a huge advantage in business. Whether it is PR, Grant Writing or Networking......just to name a few.....Robbie Motter is a great resource." Sabrina Gibson

"Robbie is a high energy, organizational and networking 'wiz'. She add the spark and essential creative power to any group, project and/or event. I would highly recommend Ms. Motter as a role-model, team mate and professional colleague. Phyllis M. Chestang 

Robbie is a powerful, wonderful woman and networker who, without even trying, networks all kinds of people together to get the job done, no matter what the job might be. My experience with her in making photographs for conventions or helping in Los Angeles area charitable work has been top notch. She is a real "finisher," a rare quality these days."Deb Halberstadt  Half City Productions 

Robbie,I want to thank you abundantly for all that you do for the Nafe Network. You contribute so much to so many. I believe it was you who gave me my jeweled pin, when I first joined in Santa Monica, a few years back. I’ve had numerous opportunities to speak at various meetings, making new, lasting friendships every time. I’ve driven many miles, like you, to keep connected and found that it was worth every mile. I’ve had articles that I’ve written published and distributed by fellow members. Certainly my work on TheAttentionFactor® has gone farther and wider because of my membership in the Nafe Network.. You truly are amazing, for you bring such positive energy to everything you do and everywhere you go. You’re a role-model deluxe!!! Warmly, Alice Aspen March

Robbie, Thanks so much for your message today. I am so happy I read it, as it made me feel a lot better. It has been quite a year. You are one of my heroes, and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful things you have added to my life. Be Blessed in every way LaTania A CA businesswoman

Robbie,I just wanted to send a quick email letting you know how much I enjoyed our talk this morning. I appreciated your time as I know how busy you are. As I was going through my emails I saw this quote and thought it fit you so I'll share it:

Thinking good thoughts is not enough, doing good deeds is not enough, seeing others follow your good examples is enough.
-- Doug Horton


Paula Constantino’s success story … This Spring, when I went to the Women’s Small Business Expo in LA, I met two amazing women who I now consider my mentors and who have inspired me to make so much more of my life. These women are June Davidson , who has given me the confidence and support to follow my dreams, and Robbie Motter, who has taken me under her wing making connections that will help build my success. Paula ConstantinoFounder of Women's Support TEAM

A letter Robbie received from a conference she did at Citi Bank in Glendale CA from one of the attendee's which also includes a poem she wrote for her.   You are a light 
You are a joy 
You are a part of change 
                      in my life. 

The day I heard you speak... yesterday to be exact... 
You were so clear, so thoughtful, so full of... life. 

With your life, you shared and inspired my life 
              to... if I dared... 
                     move on a far further, in this existence. 

And, I dare, baby! 
              Especially after you three yesterday. 
You best believe it! 

Timing.  (You never know where or when your blessings come) 

an answer to my desire to meet someone who 
             when timing served me right, 
             would be another wise-bright angel in my life's light journey. 

So with footsteps stronger, into the earth I stride 
A clearer sight ahead, 
            more direction in my life 
                        and new understandings 
About what it takes 
To do what is called upon for my heart to make 
At this time 
In this world. 

My Purpose On The Planet has become clear to me. 

Robbie,  You  did a great job with the conference.  I got a lot of fantastic information and wonderful thinking about myself and what I am doing with my gifts.  Gotta tell you, already checked out the information on the NAFE Conference in January.  Contacted some of the women I met yesterday.  Was called by my business partner and told of another Business Conference today; I was so busy, how could I again get up at 5:00a.m. ?  I grumbled, but I did it... and went to the gym early this a.m.  Because the one thing that stuck in my head was... "Just show up."  Not the first time I've heard it, but... this is the first time... I'VE  HEARD  IT... 

 I've been successful at what I do, but I want more and want to give more; healing is my great gift and not in the art of touch or medicine or herb, although, I give a great massage (smile)  I couldn't resist a little laugh, considering this email is long, but I've been flying ever since I saw you yesterday.  

 Let me just say, I have been doing incredible focused work in the last 24 hours and had some incredible encounters with people and situations that will be moving me forward in big ways.  Wow!!!  Right time, right place.  I loved your essay.  Fantastic!  

I just love the way you think and how you write your heart to people to help them shine their brightness; to encourage them.  Well done.  I am enjoying the book so very much.  Right up my alley.  I'll share with you some of my poems another time.  Above is what I was inspired to open this communication up with and share with you.  

There is magic in the air.  A change is coming.  I'd love to speak with you soon.  Take wings and fly!  "iona Morris" 

Robbie:Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you shared at the Resource Center for Nonprofit Management training session you did yesterday, "Marketing to Corporate Donors" and "How to Get Donations." I am so excited to start searching for great donations for the non profit I am founded using the tools you provided me in the class .

Kristi CamplinFounder/Director of Inspire Life Skills Training, Inc.

 Robbie:On behalf of the members of the Sweetwater Valley Chapter of ABWA (American Business Women's Association) I wish to extend to you our gratitude for coming the distance to speak at our February 8th dinner meeting. I am so thankful you were able to be here especially after just returning from Hawaii only last night.

All that you shared with us regarding steps to be taken to recruit members for a strong membership was so timely and effective, and exactly what I hoped it could be.
The entire group that was at the Wednesday meeting was so impressed with your ideas and the ease with which we should be able to implement them  You were spectacular and we truly thank you for sharing your valuable time with us.
Lorraine Oldham
President Sweetwater Valley Chapter ABWA
National City, CA

Robbie, I need to thank you for accomplishing what I thought must be impossible! In the past two years I paid about $5000 to two publicists who told me a press release had been sent to at least eight million connections. (Okay, I exaggerated a bit but the number was really large.) From those ‘millions’, I received zero, nada, not any responses.

I told you my problem and you said “Let me see what my PR talent can do for you”, and WOW immediately I started to receive inquiries from around the world.

•A salesman from Scotland wants to put the camouflage Chill Frill Pillowcase, the Renegade Sham, on his website where he will accept orders and requests that I drop-ship to his clients.

•A sales rep in Australia received information about the pillowcase from OUR (U.S.) Trade Department because you had sent a ‘New Product’ Release. This rep and I are working on an agreement and as soon as the camouflage version graduates from the prototype stage, I will send him one and we will go on from there.

•A TV Producer from the STYLE Network (, contacted me New Year’s Eve Day because she didn’t want to wait until after the holidays. I have sent samples and a media kit to her.

•A Product Placement Coordinator for a VIP company which places items in the celebrity gift baskets,, contacted me asking if I would like to put a pillowcase in each basket. We corresponded for about a week and she was adamant that the Chill Frill was just the type of present a ‘star’ would like: this service would have cost in the thousands, plus the donation of pillowcases so I had to pass. I was flattered to have been contacted.

•Someone from e-mailed me asking if he could put the pillowcase on his website. I didn’t like his domain name but thought that possibly negative recognition would be better than no recognition.

•Another TV Producer for ‘Your Morning on CN8’,, in Delaware reached me saying that the show is always looking for new products to have on the show. I have sent samples and a media kit to her.

•A gentleman who learned about the camouflage Renegade Sham, through your efforts, wants to feature it under “Health” and “Shopping” on three of his military-related websites:, and

Robbie, again I thank you for your talents: the best money I have spent on marketing!


Julie Brown
Yuma, AZ.

From Helen Ross, Program Director Lutheran Social Services of Southern CA, Riverside, CA

Ref: Robbie Motter

This is a note to let you know our playground build day was a great success, in no small part as a result of your encouragement, suggestions and offering of resources. 

On Saturday, November 19, 2005, Lutheran Social Services marked its 2nd anniversary of the opening of Amelia's Light - a transitional living program for homeless women and children at March Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley, CA 

My meetings with Robbie helped to crystallize the vision and provide concrete methodologies for making what had become a "huge elephant in the living room" to smaller more manageable tasks that helped our even culminate in success. Robbie is a breath of fresh air. 

Utilizing Robbie's resources and suggestions, Lutheran Social Services put mechanisms into place that enabled us to raise the additional $18.000 in funds necessary to pay for the playground equipment. Robbie's"things to do" list helped me to organize the event in such a way that everything from tools, restrooms, food and volunteers came together without a hitch. Additionally, using Robbie's lists of Inland Empire businesses and the labels she supplied for Southern California and Nevada donors we obtained in-kind gifts and give-away's for our participants totally over $1500.While First Five does not directly fund and track activities at our March Air Force Base facility, any visibility and goodwill garnered as a result of this specific project has also provided visibility,and good will for the Taft facility which First Five does currently fund. Robbie's assistance to me as I am the primary grant writer for LSS has been overwhelmingly beneficial in providing me with creative ideas on how to enhance all of the programs provided by our organization. 






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