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10 Reasons
Why You Should Hire Robbie Motter
as Your Personal and Business Coach


  1. Coach Robbie will coach you in turning your business around.

  2. Coach Robbie will brainstorm marketing your products and/or services, positioning you as #1 in your field.

  3. Coach Robbie will get you on the fast track quickly, and push you on the uphill run-creating new business, selling more and becoming a world class business of providing your products 
    and/or service.

  4. Coach Robbie becomes your support system, board of directors and champion. You will be surprised in your quick turnaround.

  5. Coach Robbie will inspire you to write articles, get free publicity and hold you accountable. Perhaps that book inside of you needs to be written?

  6. Coach Robbie is like a silent partner, who cares about your life and your success.

  7. Coach Robbie helps you set exciting goals in your personal 
    and business life and helps you reach them successfully.

  8. Coach Robbie identifies your strengths and shifts through 
    your information listening beneath the words to position 
    you for greatness.

  9. Coach Robbie will show you how to turn contacts into cash.

  10. Coach Robbie will make it exciting, fun with enthusiasm 
    and cheer you to cross the finish line into first place.

Why you need to hire Coach Robbie Motter

  • 25 years expertise in Marketing and Public Relations.

  • 15 years as a Personal and Business Coach.

  • Known as the Queen of Global connections.

  • Expertise also in the government marketplace.

  • Formed her own 501 c3 Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs non profit in 2017.

  • Coaching can be done over the phone at a time convenient for you seven days a week or in person.

Contact Robbie today!

Call for appointment for your 15 minute free coaching
and for prices for longer coaching sessions


"Everyone needs their own personal coach, even coaches have their own coach. It keeps you on target and makes you accountable."    Robbie

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