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Entitles Members to ten 5-10 minute phone calls and thirty email answers a month



Consulting Services  


Consultation on Event Planning and Management, Speaker Placement, Government Procurement, Publicity, or other matters by the hour, or by the project.  I prepare a proposal with budgets for time + expenses on consulting projects.


Event Planning Packages                                                                                


I plan and manage events “A to Z” for plus pre-approved expenses, depending on the size of the event.  See also An event planning package of any size includes:

  • Preparing a plan for your approval.

  • Creating an event team of volunteers.

  • Selecting a perfect venue and negotiating a favorable contract.

  • Obtaining speakers or entertainment, food, favors, door prizes, etc.

  • Designing and printing invitations, flyers, and publicity materials.

  • Developing an invitation or distribution list.

  • Mailing or emailing invitations.

  • Printing and selling tickets, if appropriate.

  • Obtaining sponsors, if appropriate.

  • Decorating the venue and providing registration or ticket collection.

  • Accounting for income and expenses.


Speaker Placement Package                                                                                             


I prepare and place experts, entrepreneurs, authors and executives for speaking opportunities, whether for branding, marketing, or outreach objectives.  My Speaker Package includes:

  • Development of your Speaker Kit (Cover Folder; Press Release; Bio; Topics; Fact Sheet; 8x10 Glossy Photo; Sample                             Questions; List of Publications or Accomplishments; Prior Speaking Engagements; Copies of Any Clippings.)

  • Development of a digital version of your Speaker Kit.

  • Recorded CD of a radio interview with you for inclusion in your kit.

  • Distribution of 10 completed Speaker Kits to targeted groups with appropriate speaker opportunities for you.

  • Follow up until I’ve confirmed the first three speaker placements for you.

  • I will follow up for additional speaker confirmations dependent on the number of  placements and will be priced on                           application.


Publicity Package                                                                                                   


I plan and launch customized publicity campaigns to enhance your visibility and credibility.  These days, it’s also important to get your “good news” online for reputation management (you want your good news to show up when someone searches your name).

A standard Publicity Package includes:

  • Development of your Media Kit (Cover Folder; Press Release; Bio; Fact Sheet; 8x10 glossy photo; Q&A; Testimonials; Article               Copies – By You or About You; Past Accomplishments; Awards; Copies of Any Clippings.)

  • Development of a Digital version of your Media Kit.

  • Development of a newspaper/newsletter feature article, short article, and column that can be used “as is.”

  • Recorded CD of a radio interview with you for inclusion in your kit.

  • Distribution of 10 Kits to targeted media sources.

  • Posting and distribution of an online press release.

  • Follow up until I’ve confirmed the first three radio/TV interviews or articles for you.

  • Additional follow-up is available on application.


Government Procurement Package                                                                        


I will identify potential government contracts for your products or services, do all the paperwork required (up to 250 pages), and submit the proposal to Federal government agencies, including the Department of Defense, for consideration.  


Selling to the government is a two-part process.  First, you need to get the contract approved by the agency’s contracting office, as above.  Then, you have to promote your products or services to the agencies that will actually purchase them.**  If you want me to promote your products or services to potential government agency buyers after the contract is approved the price is on application.



** Sometimes it makes sense to sell to an end user first and have that agency appeal to the contracting office, which would be part of the contract inclusive of promotions and sales subsequent to contract approval may require additional provisions.

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