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Giving Back to Your Community Is a Good Way to Build Business

Cause-related marketing is one of the fastest growing segments in the marketing world today. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Corporations are under ever increasing pressure to maximize “dollar efficiency,” find that the can achieve both marketing and philanthropic objectives by positioning themselves with the right cause- related marketing opportunity.

Giving Back to Your Community Is a Good Way to Build Business
Giving Back to Your Community Is a Good Way to Build Business

Non-profit organizations faced with increased competition for contributions are becoming more proactive in their use of non-traditional marketing techniques in order to meet their financial, educational and awareness objectives.

Traditional fundraising tools like direct mail and telethons are not yielding as much “return on investment” for nonprofit organizations as they once did. Thus, they are being forced to seek out “alternative forms of marketing.” As government continues to cut back their expenditures, including support for many of this country’s largest non-profit organizations and their projects, more and more pressure will be placed upon the corporate and public sector to meet these needs.

Cause-related marketing is one of the most effective tools available to corporate America and non-profit organizations today. Corporations can achieve a multitude of marketing and philanthropic objectives with one well-conceived campaign, Non-profit organizations with their corporate partners can have the needed funds to complete their organization mission.

The marriage of Commerce and Community

Community-based nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations are becoming increasingly savvy at cooperative marketing. By blending mission and message in their approach to the marketplace, these organizations are able to engage the consumer at the locations where they normally conduct their financial affairs.

Traditional marketing applications work with cause marketing

Each of the “traditional” marketing tools work well in the area of cause related marketing, this includes:

  • Television

  • Public Relations

  • Special events

  • Merchandising

  • Direct Response

  • Brand Positioning

  • Product and Traffic Movement Promotions

Size of the market

The nonprofit sector generates annual revenues of approximately $319 billion. Each year, great percentages of nonprofit revenues are coming from cause-oriented programs initiated with the support of corporate America.


The cause-related marketing environment is an ideal arena for co-branding activities. In the last few years, non-profit organizations have been showing more interest in placing their names and logos in conjunction with product packaging endorsement symbols and making royalties off the sales. One such example is the Arthritis Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation Pain Reliever/Sleep Aid that was marketed by McNeil Consumer Products a division of Johnson & Johnson.

Providing a point of difference and competitive edge

Corporate alignment with non-profit groups in the development of product marketing and promotion can provide windfalls in both organizations. These windfalls are results of public perceptions that they are getting more quality, as is the case with the aspirin sanctioned by the Arthritis Foundation, or that they are doing some good for a given cause, or the community at large, as was the case with the American Express “Charge Against Hunger” campaign.

How can your business look into cause related marketing?

Review your products and your customer base. Look for a nonprofit organization whose mission in the community is something in which your company believes. Present the idea of a joint positioning opportunity for both your business and the organization to help you achieve both your marketing and philanthropic objectives.


When you read articles about non-profit organizations holding benefits or helping people in the community, tear the articles out and start setting up a contact base. When you are ready to “give back to the community” start contacting some of these groups and building relationships.

The cause-related marketing environment is an ideal arena for co-branding activities. So begin today to reach out globally and set into motion your cause-related marketing campaign to benefit your company – and your community;


Robbie Motter is the founder/President of Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs,, global coordinator for National Association for Female Executives, a marketing Pr/Consultant, Coach, Certified National Speaker, Radio and TV Host, Monthly staff writer for magazines and newspapers. Her website is or contact her at 951-255-9200

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