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About Robbie Motter

Robbie Motter is the CEO/Founder of Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) website:,  GSFE is a 501 c 3 nonprofit, whose mission is to empower, inspire, educate, mentor and connect women so they become successful entrepreneurs.


Robbie is also a PR/Marketing consultant, certified global speaker, business coach, event planner, #1 US Award book author and #1 International book author, also the host of her Diva Strategies for Success Radio show on Blog Talk Radio.


Robbie has been featured in numerous chapters of books across the country and has written forwards for over 25 books. March 8th 2022, she wrote her own first book called "How To Rise Up and A.C.H.I.E.V.E." A Woman Leader's manual for life. It first came out on that day which also is International Women's Day and Robbie's 86th Birthday on Amazon and the book was just released and It is available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.  Books that she is a co author in are:  "Love Your Haters" by Angela Covany, "It's All About Showing Up and the Power is in the ASKING", by Robbie Motter, "100 Most Successful Women Around the World", Volume 1 which features the first fifty, by Maria-Renee Davila, MBA and Prof Caroline Makaka, "Rise Up: Women Who Lead Building Legacy", by Dr Nephatina Serrano, "Goddesses Among Us", by Kimberly Anderson, These are the latest books that she is in this year and the end of last year.  She is also on the Advisory Board for The Global Trade Chamber in Florida and the She Inspires Me in London.


Robbie loves to do events and over the years she has put together numerous successful events for several Chambers, Federated Women's Clubs, and nafe and GSFE events. She is planning her 6th Extravaganza event which is a fundraiser that benefits three non profits, it is always an afternoon of entertainment and desserts.  She has 13 dynamic entertainers for this years event.


For over30 years Robbie served in a volunteer position for nafe (National Association for Female Executives) which is headquartered in New York City as their Global Coordinator, In this capacity she interacted with the women of all their nafe affiliate networks across the country. After Covid nafe decided they no longer were having networks, so Robbie added networks to her non profit GSFE which she launched in 2017 and GSFE now has networks not only in the US but International as well.


As a certified speaker she has spoken over 30 years for many corporations and organizations on a variety of topics. In 2019 she did a SUE TALK in Orange County, CA to over 300 women. SUE TALK is like a TED TALK but mostly for women.  Her recent 2022 talks where with the Corona Chamber Women's Conference where she spoke on ACHIEVE which gave her the idea to do her latest book. She also spoke for the Hemet/San Jacinto CA Women's Conference and her topic was SUCCESS.


Prior to being an Entrepreneur, Robbie spent 25 years in the corporate world with her last 15 years being in high level positions.  Her work took her ro New York, Washington, DC, Virginia, Texas and Hawaii and now California.  Her passion is helping women to soar higher than even they imagined, and for the work she has done serving women and her communities she has received over 160 awards and this year over 20 International awards from London, South Africa, Italy, Vietnam and the latest one from Thailand.  Her favorite saying is: It's All About SHOWING UP and the POWER is in the ASKING, also she shares with women that we do not COMPETE we COMPLETE each other.

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