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Although marketing brochures and business cards are a great way to identify your company, products and services, there are other tools that can make you and your business more visible to prospects so that they will seek out your services.


One effective tool is to advertise in papers like the Menifee/Murrieta Buzz, which also gives your company exposure on their website as the paper is also on line. Another effective tool is to us promotional products and specialty gifts or a personal or company web site to remind potential customers of your value.

What Makes A Good Specialty Gift?

The item should be related to your business in some way.

There should be some means of imprinting your company name or logo on the item.

The gift should be functional and usable on a regular basis.

Items should be designed for the location where someone is likely to need your product or service.

The product should be durable and easy to integrate into your sales efforts. Recently, researches at the University of New Mexico found that giving business gifts at the close of a sales presentation produces a stronger likelihood that attendees will become customers and will recommend the product or service, their research also showed that a pen worth less that $2 was as effective as a sports bag worth $10.

Your giveaway should be selected with the intention of accomplishing a specific purpose that ties in with your overall marketing effort. It should enhance your sales instead of simply spreading goodwill that however desirable, drains your pocketbook.

“Products that have the customer’s logo and message on them are usually retained a lot longer than a brochure or catalog” according to Jean Olexa professional organizer to many individuals and businesses.” It’s a great way to enhance your company’s visibility, boost sales and motivate the sales force” says Jean.

Another great strategy getting your business name out to customers is to have a website, you can receive many inquiries from potential customers if you use the internet to market your business that includes using social media as well. If people want to know what your business is about you can just say, “Check out my website or check out my Facebook, or LinkedIn page.”

“The internet is the largest and fastest growing advertising and information medium in the world with websites, white boards and other internet tools becoming as a common place, and very essential to business”, says Gary Hawthorne of Hawthorne Worldwide in Murrieta which designs websites and white board marketing and more.

When designing a site, it is important to only incorporate graphics that promote your brand and enhance your sales message, and use your creative energy productively by focusing your attention on the benefits of what you are offering and also how you can help them solve their problems. Remember it’s not about you but it’s about helping your clients soar to greater heights. The ability to interact with your customers, take orders directly from your website and get valuable feedback from your audience is a resource that no business should be without.

Do you text?

I remember saying I would never text and today I find it is one of the fastest ways to communicate with some individuals as many people prefer to be communicated that way. I know I email one of my daughters it takes awhile for a response but if I text her it’s almost instance. I think our younger generation prefers to receive a text. I ask my clients what is their best mode of communication and I mark it on their card and when I communicate with them that is the mode I use and they appreciate it.

Another thing that I think is most important; do you help others to succeed? Do you share your contacts? Or are you the type of person that it’s all about you and you expect people to provide you with names of contacts but you are not willing to do the same? I love sharing, in fact when I meet someone I always ask them “How can I help you”. So many times they say, “Wow Robbie no one has ever asked me that”. Remember in the same room can be four people selling the same product and people will buy from people they like, so forget that they might be competition and share ideas and other things with one another.

When I meet someone and they tell me their needs I immediately think who in my database is a person that can help this person, and there are always many and the people receiving the leads are thrilled and always remember me and my business for sharing those leads with them.

One does not do things to get things back in return but instead gives of ones heart to help someone else and if something comes back that’s a plus but if not in your heart you know you have touched a life and made a difference and the result is these type of gestures also will help your company grow.

So take time and think about who you know that you can connect others with, this is another key tool to make your business grow and be a big success


Robbie Motter is the founder/President of Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs,, global coordinator for National Association for Female Executives, a marketing Pr/Consultant, Coach, Certified National Speaker, Radio and TV Host, Monthly staff writer for magazines and newspapers. Her website is or contact her at 951-255-9200

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